About us

Real Driver has been created by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. Cars have been our passion since as long as our team can remember and they occupy an all too big slice of our daily lives, they have become so important that we eat and breathe them.

RealDriver is owned by it’s creators and does not have links with any manufacturer or large publication house. This gives you, the reader, a few advantages. We will try to give an opinionated view of the cars we test instead of blindly praising anything that’s well built and hip. Unlike traditional magazines, we have the advantage of not considering the web and other websites as ‘the competition’, so we will also be linking our articles to other sites so that you can continue reading about a particular car or subject if you’re interested.

Although cars are better built than ever before, they are sadly more and more devoid of any character. In our opinion, cars should stimulate, make you lust for them. We won’t concentrate on the expensive or super fast either (we will, still jump at any chance to drive a Diablolini V16); we believe that there is a car to match every budget. Of course, you can’t compare an 80’s Alfa GTV6’s characteristics to an Audi TT, but maybe, just maybe, you will find that the old Alfa gives you more for your pound, challenges you at reasonable speeds, while the Audi is just starting to get into it’s stride, Sings, While all the Audi can muster is modulate the volume of it’s hum.

We aren’t about charging around at irresponsible speeds either, even though the cars we all want to talk about have ‘performance’ written all over them, ultimate roadholding and speed isn’t going to win us over if there isn’t any pleasure at a law abiding pace. Although we are more sports car biased, many other interesting cars are to be featured on Real Driver. Luxury cars, classics, even exceptionally bad cars.

You can contribute too, if you have something to say about cars in general, send us your story and we’ll publish it if we believe it is interesting or fun enough (sadly, we won’t pay you though…)

As the webzine is only in it’s infancy, we may not be able to update the features as much as we would like, so if you find our stories interesting as well as amusing, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so that we can inform you every time there is enough interesting new material on our website.